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From big projects to small jobs, Very Good Tree Services does it all at competitive local rates. No matter what you need, we make sure it is done right - the first time. Call us today for a consultation. 


Tree Injection & Soil Drench Treatments

Protect your oak from oak wilt, your ask from Emerald Ash borer, maple or hackberry from scale insects. 

Think, Tree IV. These specially-formulated treatments can be tailored to improve tree health, regulate growth, and extend longevity. We use industry-leading injection systems to deliver just the right dose exactly where it is needed.

Willow Thinning.jpg

Tree Root Aeration

A quick option to give your tree a boost!

Aerate the soil around a tree's root system and instantly improve water and nutrient absorption. Great for yards and businesses where construction has left soil compacted and unable to support healthy trees. 


Cabeling and Bracing

Improve the structural stability and prolong the lifespan of your favorite trees. 

Large trees with codominant trunks are often at risk for failure in locations weakened by physical stresses, decay, or mechanical damage. With a little engineered assistance, these trees can be stabilized and enjoyed for years to come! 


Tree Risk Assessment

Worreid about if your tree is going to hit your house? Call our certified arborist and have your tree assessed for risk and get an honest answer on what to do. 

A comprehensive evaluation of your tree's overall health, the likelihood of failure, and potential impact targets conducted according to ISA standards, by a Tree Risk Assessment Qualified arborist. 


Tree Inventory 

Perfect for new homeowners! Learn growth habits, benefits, and management needs of your trees. 

Our experienced arborist will carefully evaluate the trees on your property identifying the genus, growth habits, water and soil requirements, carbon capture capacity and more!

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Annual Tree Care Plans

Customized treatments for long-term success.

Our experienced arborist will carefully examine your tree from the crown to the roots and soil to look for disease or decay to develop a pruning prescription and soil remediation plan to promote tree health and its preservation. 

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Tree Installation

Site-specific recommendations for the perfect specimen to add to your property. 

We inspect your landscape in person and use the latest resources to identify the proper tree for your space. We work to understand our client's desired arborscape outcome such as privacy, temperature regulation, shade, air filtration, and aesthetic quality. We will then select the best plant and oversee installation to ensure proper growth, so you and your family can enjoy the tree's benefits for years to come. 


Storm Damage Restoration 

Help your trees recover from the damaging effects of storms.

The effects of lightning strikes and wind damage will be seen immediately and in the long term. We will work to repair and  restore your tree as well as develop a health care plan for your tree.


Natural Pruning

Limb removal and crown restorations.

We will carefully assess your tree to determine its individual needs. Basic services include removal of dead, dying, or rubbing limbs,  controlled limb removal in target areas, crown restoration, and limb reduction to improve weight distribution and stability.


Tree Debris Removal

Removal of unsightly tree debris.

Our team can assist with removal of tree debris following storm events or tree removal.

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Invasive Vine Removal 

Remove Damaging and Unsightly Vines 

Our experts carefully remove invasive vines like English Ivy or Winter Creeper protecting  trees and landscapes from destruction caused by these parasitic plants. Prices will vary depending on tree size, shape, and scope of work. 

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Ask an Arborist!

Schedule a consultation with an ISA certified Arborist tody!

Need a professional opinion? Fridays are always reserved for site visits, other days may be scheduled by request.

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